Tuesday, June 5, 2012

25% off VCP & VCAP exams

Greetings all,

For all my loyal readers, and people who stumble over me through google looking for cheaper exams :)

I have a treat for you: When you register for either the VCP or VCAP exams, you may use this discount code to get 25% off the cost of the exams! How great is that!

VCP Code: VM00734A8303
VCAP Code: VA018F422814

The codes will be good for exams booked up to 31 December 2012.

In the spirit of full disclosure, each entry does enter me into a VCI comp where I could win an entry to VMWorld, but it is a win win situation, cheap exams for you, a potential entry to VMWorld for me :)


Anonymous said...

thanks very much - need another voucher after my company are refusing to give me a 2nd shot.

Anonymous said...

Worked for me, Thanks Matt

David O'Connor said...

VCP or VCAP? Regardless good luck mate!

freemoney said...

Not sure why Pearson Vue say it's invalid for me in the UK!?

David O'Connor said...

Not sure why, we don't mind poms down in .au :) check out the blogs from the UK instructors and they may help?

Scott Shepard said...

Hi David, Scott here from the class you took in Wellington last week, I have just received an exam voucher as part of the course so I wont be increasing your competition chances sorry. Here is a link to the news article about the fire in the building we were running the class from, if you are interested.


I don't see your email listed anywhere so I assume you are happy for people to simply post on your blog to contact you.

Anonymous said...

Today (January 24) I found your site... too late for me :(
if you have another discount code I really appreciate that. cheers from Bogota - Colombia - South America
more info: twitter jmmejiav

Ravi said...

Hi David,

This is Ravi from Port Moresby.

Can I get one discount code for VCP.

Viplav Chodavarapu said...

Hi. DO you have any VCAP Promotion codes or Discount voucher valid for 2013 so that i can schedule the exam this month of APril


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